Product Development

ME&A specializes in the development, successful market entry, and management of novel technologies. We develop products and help others to successfully commercialize theirs.

Macfarlane Engel & Associates assists corporates and start-ups by developing and executing growth strategies. We can assist in all aspects of innovation commercialization, from product and service design, market research, and intellectual property strategy, to sourcing grant funds and raising capital.

Intellectual Property

Our goal is to ensure your innovations are successful, protected, and utilized to their full commercial potential. We ensure that your business strategy is robust, and your intellectual property assets are aligned for successful exploitation.

We share your passion for the process of commercializing new ideas. With existing clients ranging from start-ups to multi-national corporations, Macfarlane Engel & Associates has the expertise, networks.

Investment Services

Macfarlane Engel & Associates has a proven track record in successfully raising investment capital. Our investor relationships allow us to source capital both private and public sources, locally and offshore and our partners have raised millions in start-up investment.

Every idea needs capital to make it happen. We work with our clients to overcome this constraint and raise the necessary funds.

Client Selection

  • Verdict are a leading New Zealand based Marketing agency. Having produced acclaimed national campaigns for the New Zealand Dairy industry, to international works for Mountain Buggy. Please view the Verdict website for further information about the agencies values, work and results.

  • NAVMAN has always been driven by innovation and expertise, growing from its humble beginnings in an Auckland garage to become a global pioneer in navigation technology. Navman has been at the forefront of technology ever since their earliest days in Auckland.

  • Biss Product Development is an R&D focused firm creating innovative, award winning, products for the motocross and hand tool industries. Biss sells and promotes their innovations through in-house brands; Risk Racing and Striker.

  • Striker produces distinctive, top of the line, products for the hand tools industry. Striker has dramatically transformed how we see and use standardized products such as the carpenters pencil through unique design and function enhancements. As such, the company‚Äôs products are increasingly sought after around the world.

This is only a selection of our clients. For a more complete list please click here.

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